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Your business depends on information. As a leader you need to solve the problems of the digital era effectively. Website search versus web search? How do you position information so people can find it? How do you keep your content relevant? You aren’t an IT person, and you don’t need to be! You need the concepts and the personnel to implement your vision.

With Mike Moran’s new eCourse, Website Search, you can get the upper hand in all of these issues. Define the problems and articulate the solutions. Learn how to diagnose search issues holding you back and how to make fix the problems. Take the reigns and address the problems. Gather your team and delegate projects. Specify the steps your IT department needs to take. It’s all in your hands with Mike Moran’s new eCourse, Website Search.


Your Coach

Mike Moran

Mike Moran is the author of the acclaimed book on Internet marketing, Do It Wrong Quickly, on the heels of the best-selling Search Engine Marketing, Inc., and is now co-author of Outside-In Marketing. Mike Moran led many initiatives on IBM’s website for eight years, including IBM’s original search marketing strategy. Mike also serves as a senior strategist for Converseon, a leading social media consultancy based in New York City.